Complicated Publication System

The following screen shots are from the admin panels for a publication system that I recently built in WordPress.

This first image is of the basic publications settings tab. As you can see from this image, each publication has a title and can have a document download, the ability to order a hard copy from the client as well as displaying multiple pages on the site. The available tabs and the content entered change based on the selections made on the settings tab.


Some of the things that are not shown are the tabs for document download, content and intro/key points. These are simple tabs that allow for some of the more basic items, specifying the document file that can be downloaded, creating a publication intro as well as an index for the publication. The most important part of this interface is for the publication pages.

Looking over the image below you can see that each publication page can have it’s own design. The client can choose how many columns and how those columns are laid out as well as how the panels on the page will respond to different screen resolutions. Each publication page can have up to seven different panel areas and each of those panel areas can be individually controlled (see the next screen shot).


Each panel area of a publication has its own controls that allow the client to set basic design features and content for each panel.