What I Don’t Do

I am a programmer and a developer that specializes in building custom WordPress themes and custom WordPress plugin. There are some things that fall outside of my wheelhouse.


I do not design websites. Look at this site, does it appear to have been designed by a professional designer? If you need a site designed then you’ll need to find a designer to do that for you. Included in website design is wire-frame design. I’ll be happy to build the theme for you. I’ll even help you put together a list of requirements for your site to help you and your designer, but I am not a designer and I don’t have any interest in doing design work.


I do not do hosting and I cannot host your website or email. I can help point you in the right direction for choosing a hosting provider but that’s about it. To handle the sites that I build you will need to make sure that whatever host you choose meets some requirements and gives you some specific abilities for managing how your server works. If you want I can give you a list of what you should be looking for.


I do not create or enter content into your site. I build the theme and it is up to you to populate the content, do SEO, and all the other stuff that you need to do once the site is ready for content. This is the reason for using a CMS in the first place and I specialize in building admin functionality to make adding your content and maintaining your site as easy as possible. I will, if needed, conduct training on the use of the WordPress admin to get you started.

WordPress Frameworks

I do not have any interest in dealing with WordPress frameworks. I won’t even list them, but doing a Google search for “WordPress Framework” will give you all the information you need. I don’t like them and I find working with them UN-FUN. I only take on projects that I’m interested in and will enjoy. Ask yourself this, who do you think is going to do a better job, someone that is enjoying their work or someone that’s not enjoying the work?

Frameworks add extra layer of unneeded complexity. Rather than learning and understanding how to do it using WordPress functions, hooks and actions you must learn how to use the framework’s functions, hooks and actions on top of learning the ones used in WordPress. The main reason for using any framework, as far as I’m concerned, is getting a certain level of quality out of those that are incapable of providing the custom programming or quality without them. Frameworks attempt to remove the need to do custom programming and are best suited to those that cannot do programming and need to rely on the skills of others. Frameworks are a hindrance to, and limit programmers that are truly good at what they do. Frameworks are built for those that would rather not understand the programming or understand what WordPress can do or that think they can drag and drop their way to a great custom theme or only need to supply a little HTML and CSS. I’m not a drag and dropper, I am a programmer, HTML and CSS are only a tiny, tiny part of what I do. I’ve been programing for a very long time and I’ve put a great deal of effort into understanding WordPress. I’m also not interested in learning an extra layer of complexity that’s not really needed and usually just gets in the way when you want to do something that isn’t “built in.”

If your requirements include working with a framework then please don’t contact me as you’ll only be wasting my time and yours. Your time would be better spent by looking for a good “front end” developer that is familiar with the framework you’ve chosen and its capabilities and you’re not interested in doing things it does not already do without a bit of pain.